EMMA is the concertmaster in FRANK SCHUBERT's symphony orchestra. Shortly before the concert, Emma breaks her arm.  By chance, FRANK discovers the young florist WALTER, who plays the violin fantastically well, and sees him as a replacement for his concertmaster. EMMA cannot believe that she is to be replaced by a florist. She wants to prevent WALTER from playing for her.  WALTER works for THEODOR, a blind florist. THEODOR sees the concert as the perfect opportunity for WALTER to overcome his shyness and self-doubt and urges him to perform. But WALTER is unable to overcome his fear. The frustrated conductor pushes WALTER out of his orchestra. When EMMA learns of WALTER's exclusion, she feels guilty. She wants to fight for him and help him find a way to overcome his fears. Thanks to one of EMMA's tricks, WALTER ends up playing in the concert and masters his solo parts brilliantly.