About us

WESDM Movies

WESDM Movies conceives and promotes independent and experimental cinema that incorporates aesthetic elements, visual originality, humour and maturity. The team is a fusion of different creative strengths that gives cinema a richness of multi-sensory aesthetics.

Manoj Mauryaa

Direction & Production

A filmmaker and a painter, Manoj was born in Benaras, India. His first feature film is a German fiction titled ‘The Concertmaster’. His second feature film is titled ‘The Icecake’ and has won the Best Feature Film at MotoTematica - Motorcycle Film Festival, Rome Italy in 2023.

Manoj made 5 documentary films during his 17000km long experimental journey through 23 Indian states for 55 days.


Eckart Reichl

Image design & Production

As a freelance cinematographer and dop, Eckart works worldwide, mainly on documentaries, film essays, dance and music films and also on feature films.

In addition Eckart has been working as a live cameraman on theatre and opera stages.

Winfried Vögele

Music & Production

As a composer Winfried has composed music for films and stage productions in Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland and India. His musical experience ranges from his work as an orchestral musician in the Brussels Radio Symphony Orchestra to tours with the JAMES LAST orchestra and experience with CD, radio and television recordings. Winfried is responsible for music and production at WESDM Movies.


Silvia Vögele

Dramaturgy & Production

Silvia has been a teacher of Eurythmie at the Rudolf Steiner School Mittelrhein (Germany) for 30 years. In seven major projects with up to 220 young people, she collaborated with symphony orchestras and movement theatre as well as using recitation and choral work. As a member of  THE CONCERT MASTER production team, Silvia brings her educational, artistic and organizational experience of big stage productions to the film project.

players in Europe.  Dinesh also teaches masterclasses at various music academies throughout Europe.

Dinesh Mishra

Music & Production

Dinesh is a globally recognised bansuri flutist whose concerts and music projects are celebrated worldwide. The Varanasi-born musician, who currently lives in Mumbai and Germany, is one of the most sought-after bansuri players in Europe. 

He also teaches masterclasses at various music academies throughout Europe.